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Our prices reflect the high level of individual attention that our guests receive and our luxury home boarding set-up with dogs sleeping inside the main house as members of the family. The evening routine will be much like it is at home: getting cleaned up in the playroom by the fire then claiming a spot on one of the couches or chairs in the living room while settling in for a nice evening around the fire. Your dog becomes one of the family and we all sleep under the same roof. There is one consistent alpha, Rachel, and this consistency is what puts our guests at ease. They know who is in charge which is critical in order for any dog to feel safe. We have only a few regular staff members during the day so our guests get to know them well. Managing the numbers carefully ensures that the excitement level never gets out of hand! We encourage new clients to board their dog(s) with us while still a puppy (under a year old). This will go a long way towards familiarizing the dog with boarding and getting him / her use to being with other dogs in a boarding environment. That way they are much more comfortable when they board with us as they get older. Your dog’s first visit here should be during a non-peak time so that they can get to know the place (and Rachel, Dougal and Georgie Girl!). Then when they come back during a busier time, they’ll feel right at home immediately! We have found this policy to be the key to keeping things manageable during peak periods.

Please e-mail us with any questions



There are a few things to take care of prior to your pup’s arrival. Upon your initial booking we will send you some forms that need completing before we can confirm your reservation. There is a detailed questionnaire in the Client Information form to give us a good sense of all their little idiosyncrasies and their normal routine. Also, we need confirmation from your vet that your pup is spayed/neutered, up-to-date on all their shots (including bordetella aka kennel cough) and verification of a flea treatment program (spring to fall months). After we have received these completed forms and have met your pup, only then can we firm up your reservation. Remember, this is to protect your dog just as much as the others and is standard procedure at most responsible, professional boarding facilities.

So we need:

  • completed Veterinarian Form (can be faxed by vet to us directly)
  • completed Client Registration Form
  • signed Release Form
  • payment in full at check-in.



Cost Structure (effective January 2011)

First 10 nights: $45/night
Additional nights: $40/night
Miniumm required stay: 3 nights
One night = 24 hour period
  • Shuttle service to North Toronto (Leslie east to Bathurst; 401 south to St. Clair) is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, generally in the late morning. The cost of the round trip service is $45. Please note that at this time we cannot acommodate different pickup and dropoff locations - dogs must be returned to the same address where they were picked up. Also, as of January 2013 ALL dogs must arrive and depart by shuttle only. We can no longer allow dropoff and pickups at our location.

    Minimum one week stay during Christmas and March break

    Prices subject to 13% HST; Please make cheques payable to “dougaldogs Inc.”

    Peak periods = Christmas break, March break and last two weeks of August. Please note that we do not accept new dogs (never boarded with us before) during peak times.


In terms of what to bring the most important is their food. It’s never a good idea to change your dog’s diet even at the best of times. Again, please pre-measure their food and send only the amount they will need. Remember to be generous with your portions as they will be very active and usually need a little extra. Please label food container with dog’s name and portion to be given at am and pm meals. No toys please but feel free to bring something snuggly from home with your scent on it. We prefer to use our own beds but if it’s not too big or cumbersome then please feel free to send it along.